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Spring & Fall Clean-Ups

Cesar’s Landscaping offer a variety of spring clean-up services to give your yard a healthy start. Our commercial lawn mowers are equipped dethatch rake on the front that lifts the dead grass from the ground. The lawnmowers are also equipped with a vacuum collection system that bags dead grass for easy disposal. Removing the dead grass from your lawn gives the grass that is alive more room to breathe and reach nutrients in the ground.

Spring is a time of renewal when the ground thaws after the cold winter, trees wake from their dormancy and flowers begin to bloom. It’s an ideal time to get rid of the trash that accumulated over the winter. Including branch and brush, as well as fallen leaves. Leaf clean-up is always necessary in spring. When fall arrives, gardens tend to look disheveled and tired. Having a cleanup is the best method of returning your garden to its former glory, so that your garden space is clean and tidy prior to entering the winter months.This cleanup is a big task, our company will provide the manual labor and level of skill to dust off your garden’s cobwebs so that it is an attractive, inviting place to be once again.

Before and after peak growing seasons, properties must be cleared off branches, debris, and dead leaves, flowers and plants to maintain appearances and keep the surrounding foliage healthy. Beginning in late March and earlyApril, depending on weather conditions and the last of winter snowfall, it is time to remove any fallen branches and leaves from lawns and maintained areas.Cutting back perennials, trimming bushes and edging the grass readies your property for spring growth.

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Fall Clean-Up

A healthy, attractive lawn starts with Fall Cleanup and getting leaves up and out is a necessity due to the Chicagoland hard winters. You will notice the difference when the spring season come around.

Cesar’s Landscaping will leave your lawn and property free to dead or dying foliage and our fall yard cleanup helps keep insects and other pests away that like to nest in rotting debris during the winter and cause issues when spring arrives. Fall is also the perfect time to get a jump start on planting and seeding for spring.

Raking can be physically exhausting, and there is plenty of work to prepare your landscaping before new plants go in next spring. If you are not up to the task , Cesar’s Landscaping is here to help.

Our company’s yard cleanup includes removing the leaves from your lawn and bed areas and clearing hard surfaces of debris and sticks. A good landscaping service can help prepare your lawn, landscape beds and ornamental plants so that they will be ready to bloom and beautify your property next season and make sure that not unhappy surprises await you.

As we approach the end of the growing season and prepare for winter, we need to reflect on the severity of disease each year and remember that most diseases survive winter within infected plant debris. Fungal material such as mycelium, spores or specialized reproductive structures may persist in the soil in fallen leaves, or in dead branches remaining on the plant. Therefore, as a professional lawn care company, we can try to minimize the amount of fungal material that survives winter by removing all debris prior to the first snowfall.

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