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Adding mulch to your landscaping can increase the curb appeal of your property. Our mulch services include consultation with one of our expert landscape designers to figure out the best mulch options for you.

The benefits of mulch go beyond the visual appeal. Mulch acts as a protective cover to the roots of your flowers, shrubs and other plants.Mulching from our company offers your landscaping project many different type sand colors of mulch to benefit your flower beds. Mulch added to your flowerbeds and around trees and shrubs will assist these plants in growing, as the natural materials in the mulch break down over time and become similar to compost. A good job of mulching will keep water from evaporating before it can reach your plants roots. Mulching keep plant roots cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, extending the life of your plants. A good cover of mulch can prevent unsightly weeds that steal nutrition from the soil that should be feeding your plants. Depending on the variety of mulch used, it provides nutrition to the soil as it breaks down. Consistent mulch, colored or organic, provides a consistency of appearance that makes your garden plants pop.


After working with one of our landscape designers to create the perfect mulching plan for your property, Cesar’s Landscaping team will deliver and install your mulch. During our mulch installation we edge the landscape area to create a visible divide between the mulch bed and turf or walkways. After being installed, mulch can become compacted as it gets older. This limits air and water from reaching the roots of your plants. To combat this, we can cultivate your existing mulch to break up clumps and revive color. If necessary, we will also install a top layer of new mulch over the cultivated mulch to replenish moisture.

Our expert arborists can recommend a variety of mulch that will accomplish any of the above goals. We offer a full range of mulch choices, from organic to many different colored varieties of mulch, depending on your goals for your garden.

For all your gardening needs.