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Lawn Edging

The edging service defines the concrete borders of your lawn and gives it a clean manicured look. Turf overgrowth (both grass and soil) onto concrete is natural and can take away from the overall appearance of your lawn.

Edging removes this overgrown turf and gives your lawn a crisp razor sharp edge appearance. The more often you edge, the less overgrowth there is. This makes it easier for us and at drastically reduced rates. It also keeps your edges looking good all season. This service cuts a clean line for the edge of the lawn near the curb or sidewalk area. Equipment is used to get rid of any grass or weeds that are overgrowing onto the hard surface areas. When this excess growth is removed, it gives a clean cut image in the yard, helping you achieve the professional results that you desire.


There are two parts of the edging service. First, an edger is used tore move the excess weeds and grass growing near the curb or sidewalk. Then, the debris is cleaned up and hauled away to leave your sidewalk looking great.

It is best to use edging services several times during the year, and most landscaping companies recommend a minimum of 3 times during the growing season. You can set a schedule to ensure it isn’t missed. Turf overgrowth onto the sidewalk or curb areas is natural, so it is necessary to plan for the care and upkeep of these areas in order to control the overgrowth. Edging can effectively remove the overgrowth to create a defined edge.

Keep in mind that regular edging helps to prevent major over growth that can occur when the lawn edges are neglected. The easiest way to keep the yard looking good throughout the year is to have the edging done on a regular basis.

Clean, strong sidewalk edging creates a polished and inviting look for your property. First impressions matter, and people will notice the quality of your landscaping when they visit your home. So, it is essential that you are paying attention to the details.

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