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Brick Paving

Many homeowners enjoy the natural look and feel of stone pavers. Chicagoland backyards, patios, walkways and paths have all been lined with these aesthetically pleasing tiles, stones and bricks of granite. Stone pavers are typically laid on flat surfaces with a particular design in mind. Usually this involves a layer of sand or crushed limestone as a base. The tiles are then placed and settled over the grain base and arranged to the homeowner’s specifications. Sometimes these are paths, sometimes circular layouts, and sometimes an incredibly artistic custom effect. The pavers themselves are generally found to be rectangular or square, but diamond, circular and octagon kits are also available. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they provide practical effects as well. Our company offer a sturdy alternative to-bare ground, and can definitely be used as a finishing touch to any outdoor patio setting. Highly durable, natural stone pavers add a beauty to any home.

Also, without a doubt, brick is one of the most classic and enduring building materials there is and has countless uses in both commercial and residential applications. Bricks come in limitless shapes, colors and sizes, and new innovations in design, weatherproofing and reinforcements have made the old world charm of brick even more popular in the 21st century. Brick is energy efficient, and requires little or no maintenance. For thousands of years, the beauty and durability off brick have made it a sensible alternative in building materials that has stood the test of time.

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Our skilled team can build and repair almost any brick structure on residential and commercial properties. We specialize in retaining walls and patios, but we construct other structures and provide cleaning and maintenance services to keep your brick surfaces resilient, and looking their best.

We can not only put together any paver creation you have in mind, but we can take it one step further. Our highly trained staff are also highly adept-at landscaping design, and can help formulate your dream into a real plan of action. If you have only got a vague idea of what you would like to see, or maybe only faint impressions of the space you would like us to create, just let us know. Our team will work to design any deck, patio, retaining wall or any other type of structure with pavers for your property.

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